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    This will be a easy step by step weed making tutorial. For this tutorial you will need shears, a cell, a hoe, and at least 8 iron (8 iron per 1 dirt). Also you can go to the Farmer (villager) in the market place and trade 1 bread (from the shop) to the Farmer in order to get a Drug Tutorial book for future reference.

    Step 1: Go the wood chopping area and break the leaves with your shears. You should get some saplings, coca leaves, and apples. For now all we need are the saplings. Get around 20 saplings.


    Step 2: Go to the market place (/mp), walk up to the Crafter (villager), and right click to trade with it. Use your iron to trade for dirt. The more dirt you buy the faster you can grow weed.


    Step 3: Go back to your cell. Inside your cell place down the dirt you bought. Use a hoe to hoe your dirt. You do NOT need water.


    Step 4: Place your saplings on the dirt. Break the saplings you placed to get cannabis seeds. Keep placing and breaking your saplings until all your saplings are gone and you have cannabis seeds.


    Step 5: Plant your cannabis seeds on the dirt. Wait until they are 2 blocks high until you break them. When you break them you should get buds. Keep replanting until all your cannabis seeds are gone and you instead have buds.


    Step 6: Go to a crafting table and place four buds in the bottom right corner. This should should create weed. Craft all your buds into weed.


    Step 7: Hold your weed in your hand and right click. This will convert it into actual weed. With your weed you can now go to the marketplace and talk to the Drug Dealer (villager) to sell your weed, do (/dr sell) to sell your weed, or use your weed (with a bowl) in pvp to get a small regeneration and damage resistence buff at the cost of hunger and nausea.


    Congrats! You just made weed!
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