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    IGN: Striker2421

    Age (as of now): 15

    Timezone: Central Daylight Time (CDT)

    How Long Have You Played On PrisonEvolved?
    I have been playing for 7 days now.

    What is your current playtime on the server? (/playtime)
    21 hours
    Joined on: 15/05/20 23:04:15

    Have You Ever Been: Banned, Muted, Kicked?
    No, I have not.

    If You Have Been, Why, And For How Long?

    When can you play on PrisonEvolved?
    You can expect me to play for about 1-2 hours a day but, depending on how much school work I get this time could differ. I will always be able to play longer on the weekends.

    What is your rank on the server?

    Why Should We Pick You To Be Our Next Moderator?
    You should pick me because I worked as an admin on a different server and this has given me some experience working with players and keeping a healthy server environment. Overall I just enjoy helping people out.

    Additional Information: Heyy hey hope your day is going good!
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    Will be considered in the near future!

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