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    These rules are pretty much common sense.

    If you do not obey these rules, you may be kicked, temporarily banned, or permanently banned.

    • No hacked clients
    • No afk mining
    • No unapproved mods. Approved mods may be seen here.
    • No x-ray texture packs.
    • No spamming or advertising.
    • No profanity.
    • Respect all staff and fellow players.
    • No griefing in the prison.
    • No abusing any bugs or glitches that you either discovered or heard about. Please report them to a staff member if you find one.
    • You are responsible for your account. If someone does something on your account that gets you punished, there is nothing we can do. If you are worried about an occurrence like this, change your Minecraft password. If you share an internet connection with another player you may be responsible for their actions. This is a risk you take and it is your responsibility to stop them from breaking the rules, if this is an issue don't use a shared connection.
    • Do not necromance on the forums. Necromancy is when you reply to a forum that has been dead for a long while.
    • If bypass a mute, ban, or other limit with an alternate account both of your accounts will be punished or even permanently banned. Knowing a banned player is bypassing and not reporting it is also against the rules and can get you banned.
    • Do not impersonate other players/staff.
    • No VPNs/Proxies. If you use one you may be banned instantly. If you have a technical reason for using one clear it with a Warden first.
    • Purchasing packages with real money for other players in exchange for in game items is discouraged. If the package buyer chargebacks or the in game buyer does not fulfill terms either party may be out of luck. Our only official statement on the matter is if you do this get full payment in game before buying the package for the user. Do not set drawn out deals over a time frame.
    • Auto fishers are banned. Punishment for using one is usually a 1 day ban (can be higher).
    • Do not under any circumstances attempt to convince a new player to type "/suicide" or "/kill". Doing this will result in a temporary ban.
    • Using exploits or loopholes to kill players or gain an advantage on any aspect of the server is forbidden.
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