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    Who banned you?
    Reported by ProjectKillz
    Banned by FuturePinger?

    When were you banned?
    Date: 2-17-2020 Time: N/A

    Why were you banned?
    Exploiting without reporting

    Are you at fault?
    So this one is iffy. Sure, according to staff I did what was reasoned. Do I believe myself guilty and deserving of a ban (Timed or not)? No. It was to my belief, not a bug/exploit or at least an obvious one. I assumed it was balanced by the time-gate as it took forever when I originally had a 5x5 cell. It would take hours of constant farming to get any huge return on it. That's when I decided to 'rent' cells from other players and triple the amount I could grow in a given time (which is something I guess staff didn't see happening?). That's when one player deemed it unfair and noted it was an exploit. I was then banned shortly after.

    Also, I have a playtime of 31 hours. Not a few hours like some may suggest.

    What was your rank on MCP?

    Donor or In-game? Donor: None || In-game: Escapee

    Why should we unban you?
    You do what you need to do, it'll timeout in a few days time I guess. I just wanted to post and say that I feel undeserving of an instant ban as, for myself, it was not believed to be an exploit.

    Where you fined and do you think you deserve reimbursement?
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    Your ban has been lowered to 3 days!

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